• Q1
    What should we pay attention to when adjusting the motor speed of high-power wiper bus?

    All kinds of DC motors can be adjusted by changing the armature circuit resistance. When the load is fixed, the total resistance of the armature circuit increases with the increase of the connected resistance in series, and the motor speed decreases. The external resistance can be changed by contactor or master switch.

    By continuously changing the armature supply voltage, the DC motor can realize stepless speed regulation in a wide range. There are two ways to change the voltage of armature supply. One is the speed regulating system using the power supply of generator - motor unit. The other is a speed regulation system powered by thyristor converters.

    When the armature voltage is constant, changing the excitation current of the DC motor can also achieve speed regulation.

  • Q2
    What should we pay attention to when replacing the motor brush of high-power wiper bus?

    1. Trim and grind the new brush to the radian size of the old brush.

    2. Pay attention to adjust the pressure of the brush grip, and the brush size should be comparable, not too large or too small.

    3. In the process of putting the brush, do not be forced. Pay attention to the obvious contact between the brush and the armature, and do not force it into it.

    4. Because the hardness and current density of different types of brushes are different, the whole car tarpaulin motor uses the same type of brushes, of course, the same batch of products are better.

    5. When replacing the double spell brush, be sure to pay attention to the sequence before and after the brush, the inclined plane is consistent, to prevent the brush from jumping, affecting the commutation.

    6. Replacing a single brush can be put into use directly without grinding, but more than 2 only if the same brush arm brush need to replace, use sandpaper grinding, make its and commutator surface is not less than 75%, all replacement for special reasons, after grinding the need in front of the car tarpaulin motor are running with no more than 20% of the rated speed no-load running for 2 hours.

  • Q3
    What should we pay attention to when using high-power wiper bus motor?

    1. It should be kept in a ventilated, dry and clean place. If the storage time is too long, it is necessary to check the lubricating grease of the motor and its cold insulation resistance, whose resistance value is not less than 0.5mω.

    2. Check whether the motor connection wire is reliable.

    3. Check whether there is dirt on the commutator surface, and the brush can slide freely in the brush box.

    4. Remove motor dirt, ash and carbon accumulation, clean or replace bearings, and inject 3# lithium grease into the raceway after cleaning.

  • Q4
    What factors determine the motor price of high-power wiper bus?

    1. Affected by changes in the supply and demand of wiper motor products in the market. Generally, when the demand for motor products is on the rise due to the continuous development of the automobile production and processing industry, the market price of the product will rise, and when the market demand for the product falls, the price of the product will also fall, which is determined by the market law.

    2. Affected by changes in the level of production and processing technology in the market. This is because the production and processing technology level of the wiper motor manufacturer often has a very important impact on the production efficiency, which also has a very important impact on the sales price of the product, which needs to be paid attention to by the manufacturer. Therefore, these factors will affect the price of high-power wiper bus motor, so we need to pay more attention to the purchase.

  • Q5
    How to link the motor of high-power wiper bus?

    1. For the power input of the DC reducer motor, the thick red line is the positive end of the power supply, the black line is the negative end of the power supply, and the thin orange line is the electric lock.

    2. Motor phase (U, V, W output), thick yellow line is U, thick green line is V, thick blue line is W.

    3. Input the signal. The thin red wire is the +5V power supply, the thin green wire is the handle signal input, and the thin black wire is the ground cable.

    4. Hall (input A, B, and C). The thin red wire is the +5V power supply wire. The thin black wire is the ground wire.

    5. Sensor: The thin red wire is the +5V power supply, the thin black wire is the ground wire, and the thin green wire is the sensor signal input. Therefore, high-power wiper bus motor wiring to do a good job of these details.

  • Q6
    How to maintain the motor of high-power wiper bus?

    1. The motor end cover is best to use sealant to smear the ring, to avoid secondary damage caused by incomplete closure! Check the "oil seal" on both sides of the motor end cover to ensure that the water can enter seamlessly as far as possible.

    2. If the motor wheel is aluminum, the surface of the inner magnetic steel is blown dry with a heat gun, and the water is removed by evaporation.

    3. Use a heat gun to dry the water inside the stator winding and ensure that the insulation resistance of the winding is greater than 10 megohm before installing.

    Therefore, the high-power wiper bus motor should be maintained in time to ensure its good performance when it encounters water intake.

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